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The Keefe Tech Girls’ Volleyball team is having an outstanding season this year. With over 50 players, the Broncos have depth and talent at the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity levels. The varsity team has started with 7 wins against only one loss so far this season including an exciting come-from-behind victory against last year’s league champs Blackstone Valley Tech. Keefe Tech is in first place in the Colonial Athletic League and is in a strong position to win the league this year. The team is led by senior captains Kaitlyn Sok and Max Foster and supported by a team of girls that are “all-in” on working hard and playing together all season

The Keefe Tech Girls' Volleyball Team has won the Colonial Athletic League for the first time in school history. Going 11-1 in the CAL is no easy feat when league rivals Blackstone Valley Tech and Worcester Tech stand your way. But the girls rallied behind team leaders Kaitlyn Sok and Max Foster to win important matches and have a blast while doing so. The team mantra is "hustle,hit, never quit" and has been able to focus on being positive throughout the challenging matches and the losses (although there have been very few of them). They are now preparing for the state vocational and state tournaments and will continue to play with heart and sportsmanship for the rest of the season.