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Future Planning

Keefe Regional Technical School graduates continue their education at the post-secondary level. With excellent Career and Technical training and rigorous College Preparatory, Honors and Advanced Placement academic course offerings, we prepare our students to excel in their college pursuits.

Many Keefe graduates are currently attending, or have received degrees from colleges and universities across the United States.  Keefe Regional Technical School is proud of their achievements.  Our School Counseling Department is available to answer any questions about the opportunities Keefe Tech students pursue, and provide additional information on all of the colleges and universities that our students have been accepted to.

Articulation Agreements

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement allows a Keefe Tech student to apply credits earned in specific Career and Technical Programs toward advanced standing, equal transfer, or direct entry into specific majors at various colleges.

Articulation Agreements serve students and facilitate transfer opportunities for high school graduates who want to pursue certificates, or associate degrees in order to enter, or advance in education or employment.



Bristol Community College
o Business Technology
o Culinary Arts
o Electrical
o Graphic Communications
o Visual Communications

Johnson & Wales
o Culinary Arts

Mass Bay Community College
o Automotive
o Business Technology

Massasoit Community College
o Visual Art & Design

Newbury College
o Culinary Arts

Quinsigamond Community College
o Business Technology

Wentworth Institute of Technology
o Carpentry
o Electrical

College Planning Guide

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Financial Aid Information

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Junior College Planning Night

Juniors who are thinking about attending college when they graduate Keefe Tech should plan to attend our Junior College Planning Night.  Lots of information will be provided by the School Counseling Department surrounding the college exploration and application process.  Resources from last year's presentation are included below.  



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Scholarship Information and Senior Awards Night

Scholarship Information

Each year many scholarships become available to students.  Scholarships are awarded at the national, state and local level and criteria varies widely.  They can be awarded by charitable foundations, civic groups, corporations, professional trades and they often target certain criteria such as GPA’s, athletes, low-income applications, minorities, etc.  Scholarships are not always based upon merit.

The Keefe Tech School Counseling Department works closely with students to assist them in the scholarship application process.

To be eligible to apply for scholarships through the Keefe Tech School Counseling Department, students must complete the Scholarship Portfolio.  Seniors will have the opportunity to attend a Scholarship/Financial Aid Information Session scheduled each year to prepare them for the Scholarship Application Process.  This meeting will include instructions on how to complete the ScholarshipPortfolio and deadlines to be aware of in the process.

Some scholarships require their own individual applications with additional criteria.  These individual scholarship applications may be obtained in the School Counseling Office and/or on the websites.

In addition to the many scholarships available through the School Counseling Office, many large employers offer scholarships to employees and or their children. Students should be sure to ask their parents, Human Resources or Benefits Department if they have a scholarship program. Professional and trade organizations may offer scholarships to the children of their members so inquire there as well. Students can do their own internet searches based upon their areas of interest and personal background.  In the past, Keefe Tech students have been very successful recipients of many types of scholarships.

Senior Awards Night

Senior Awards Night is held prior to graduation each year in the Keefe Tech auditorium.  All of the known scholarships are presented that evening including Keefe Technical Education Awards (KTEA), Academic Awards and Senior Career and Technology Awards sponsored by the Keefe Tech Boosters Club.  In addition, previously presented scholarships/awards are announced at Senior Awards Night.

Our goal is to provide Keefe Tech students with as many scholarship opportunities as possible and encourage our students and families to be proactive in their pursuit of scholarships.