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A note from the Nurse!

FAX Nurse's Office - 508-416-2120

Schedule your flu shot appointment
Change your batteries in your smoke detector
…and my favorite: send in a copy of your son or daughter’s most recent physical exam. Why? Many are over a year old and...

*An up to date physical exam is required in order to play school sports.

*Necessary to go out in the community for certain work experiences during the vocational portion of the Keefe Tech education.

*To help the nurse better take care of your child/student during the school day.

Another reminder: Please do not allow your child to bring in medicine prescription or over the counter medicine with them to school. It is against the administrative school rules. If your child needs Acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, or Motrin), calcium carbonate (TUMS), or throat lozenges those can be given by the nurse, if you have consented to these on the orange health emergency form sent home. If you need a new form we would be happy to help.

If your child needs to take a prescription medication during the school day please contact the nurse and that can be arranged. All medicine will need to be brought in by the parent/guardian and will there will need to be a doctor’s order and parent consent. The nurse can explain this in detail if it pertains to your student. Thank you. I hope that you have a nice weekend. I will look forward to hearing from you!

The Health Service Office at Keefe Tech is located on the main floor to the right of the School Counseling and School Climate and Safety Offices.  

Health Emergency Information Form

Health - Emergency Information - This form needs to be updated each year and returned to the School Health Office

Medication Administration Form

Medication Permission Forms need to be completed for students who need to take medication during the school day and returned to the Health Office

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I keep my child home because of illness?
Often the way a child looks and acts can make the decision to keep your child home an obvious one. The following guidelines should be considered when making the decision.  If your child has:

Fever  - The child should remain at home with a fever greater than 100.  The child can return to school after he/she has been fever free for 24 hours (without fever-reducing medicine such as Tylenol or Motrin).

Diarrhea/Vomiting - A child with diarrhea and/or vomiting should stay at home and return to school only after being symptom free for 24 hours.

Conjunctivitis - Following g a diagnosis of conjunctivitis, the child may return to school 24 hours after the first dose of prescribed medication.

Rashes - Common infectious diseases with rashes are most contagious in the early stages.  A child with a suspicious rash should return to school only after a health care provider has made a diagnosis and authorized the child's return to school.

Colds - Consider keeping your child at home if he/she is experiencing significant discomfort from cold symptoms, such as nasal congestion and cough.  A continuous green discharge from the nose may be a sign of infection.  Consider having the child seen by your health care provider.

A sick child cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in classes in a meaningful way.  In addition, keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school community and allows the child opportunity to rest and recover. Remember the essentials of good health are good nutrition, plentiful fluids, regular exercise and plenty of rest.  If your son/daughter develops a communicable disease or condition, (e.g. chicken pox, strep-throat, scarlet fever, fifth's disease, or head lice) please notify your school nurse. This will enable us to monitor your child's progress and other student/staff exposure.

What is my child needs medication in school? 
Prescription medication may be given in school only after the school nurse receives written orders from the student's health provider/dentist and signed consent from the parent/guardian. Over the counter (OTC) medications including Advil, Tylenol, etc. can be given if the parent/guardian completes an OTC medication permission form each year. If your child needs to be given medication in school, please review the OTC medication policy. 

Does my child need a physical examination before starting at Keefe Tech? 
All students new to Keefe Regional Technical School must provide a signed physical examination performed by a health care provider, conducted within 12 months of entry into the school. Your healthcare provider’s physical examination form is acceptable.

What will you do if my child becomes ill at school? 
If your child becomes ill at school, you will be contacted and expected to come for the student as soon as possible. Each parent/guardian is asked to provide the nurse/school with emergency contact information including the name of an alternate person to be notified in the event you cannot be reached. Please notify the school immediately when your emergency contact information changes.


Mandated Student Screenings

Vision and Hearing
Students' vision and hearing are screened annually as required by Massachusetts law. Families can request a religious exemption to the screenings by submitting a letter to the school nurse.

Postural Screening 
Postural screening to assess for  scoliosis is conducted for all students in grades 5-9.  The purpose of this state mandated screening is to detect early signs of spinal problems that may require further evaluation.  You will be notified of any abnormal findings and referred to your healthcare provider for follow up. Families can request a religious exemption from postural screenings by submitting a letter to the school nurse. If a parent/guardian requests an exemption on other grounds, written documentation from the student's primary care provider must be provided including the date of postural screening and results.

Body Mass Index
Massachusetts regulations require screening for Body Mass Index (BMI). Your child's height and weight will be measured using guidelines provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and his/her BMI calculated. If you choose not to have your child screened for BMI, you may do so by stating your preference in writing to your school nurse. 


Health Services Faculty/Staff Contact Information

Bridget Veale

Titles: Nurse
Phone Numbers:
School: 508-416-2263

Mindy Wade

Titles: Substitute Nurse
Phone Numbers:
School: 508-416-2263

Patricia Patterson

Titles: Paraprofessional
Phone Numbers:
School: 508-416-2263