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Keefe Regional Technical School is located in Framingham, Massachusetts, a suburban town, 18 miles west of Boston.  The MetroWest area is composed of residential communities with light industry and high technology enterprises and is considered the largest retail area in New England.

Keefe Regional Technical School is also known as the South Middlesex Regional Vocational Technical School.  The regional school district includes five municipalities with the following populations:  Ashland (14,000), Framingham (65,000), Holliston (14,500), Hopkinton (13,500), and Natick (32,000).

Each member municipality has its own high school facility.  Students residing in the District, however, have the option of attending Keefe Regional Technical School to pursue career and technical study in addition to traditional academic classwork.

The student body at Keefe is approximately 800 students.  The academic curriculum provides a challenging learning environment for students interested in college preparatory, honors courses and advanced placement courses.  The academic day consists of six, 57-minute periods.

The Career and Technical Program component consists of a freshman exploratory year, then three years of preparation in one of the sixteen different career/technical areas.  Beginning in the tenth grade, an alternating week schedule of vocational and academic instruction is introduced.  Co-operative education training is available to qualifying juniors and seniors.


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