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Students in the Plumbing Program receive training in rough and finish plumbing installations in residential, commercial, and industrial locations, as well as prevention maintenance. The curriculum focuses on an overview of the plumbing trade license regulations and plumbing code regulations of the industry.

The 1,500 hours of training plus 300 hours of classroom instruction that students receive in this program are applied toward the apprentice hours needed to become a licensed plumber. Juniors and Seniors in the Plumbing Program practice their skills by completing all aspects of residential plumbing for Keefe Regional Technical School’s annual house-building project.

● Install, repair and maintain piping systems and fixtures according to state codes
● Design and install gas, water, drainage and heating systems for the house building
● Earn apprenticeship experience leading to a journeyman’s license

Prepared for immediate employment, apprenticeship completion and further education


High School Diploma from Keefe Tech

Apprentice Plumber
Apprentice Pipefitter
Apprentice Steamfitter
Apprentice Sprinkler fitter
HVAC Trainee
Heating Technician
Supply House Sales
Solar Thermal Piping Trainee
Drain Cleaner
Irrigation System Installer


Associates  Degree (2-year), Certificate Program, Licensing or Adult Education

Journeyman Plumber
Journeyman Pipefitter
Journeyman Steamfitter
Journeyman Sprinkler fitter
HVAC Technician
Job Estimator
Pipe Welder/Fabricator
Backflow Prevention Technician
Solar Thermal Piping Technician
Mechanical Systems Project Supervisor


Bachelors Degree (4-year) and Graduates or Doctoral Degree for some

Master Plumber
Master Pipefitter
Plumbing Instructor
Plumbing Inspector
Business Owner
Sanitary Engineer
Mechanical System C.A.D. Specialist
Mechanical System Engineer
Plumbing Engineer/Designer
Water Treatment Specialist

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