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Health Careers

Students in the Health Careers Program have the opportunity to acquire skills that prepare them for successful career entry, advancement, and/or continuing education in the health field.  This program is designed to focus on the certification of nursing assistants.  The role of the medical administrative office assistant is included in the Program of Studies.  Students will receive certification as a Nursing Assistant and certifications in First Aid, OSHA Career Safe, CPR, Alzheimer’s Care, and Medical Assisting.

The first phase will emphasize foundation skills and common skills (gloving, hand washing, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature) that are necessary in all health occupations.  The second phase will focus on job-specific skills and knowledge.  Skills learned will be introduced and practiced in the classroom and then transferred to patients in a hospital and/or a long-term care setting during the career technical training activities.

● Care for patients and interact with healthcare professionals in a variety of simulated
   and actual clinical settings
● Use professional medical equipment, technology and techniques to improve patients’
   health and care
● Apply key healthcare concepts, skills and assessment procedures with patients

Prepared for immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education


High School Diploma from Keefe Tech

Certified Nurse Assistant
Patient Care Assistant
Activity Assistant
Medical Office Admin Assistant
Emergency Medical technicians
Home Health Care/Aids
Medical Coding and Billing 


Associates  Degree (2-year), Certificate Program, Licensing or Adult Education

Licensed Practical Nurse
Phlebotomist EKG Technician
Surgical Technician
Radiology Technician
Ultrasound Technician


Bachelors Degree (4-year) and Graduates or Doctoral Degree for some

Registered Nurse
Activities Director
Physician Assistant
Physical/Occupational Therapist

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