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The electrical trade is a licensed trade in the construction industry, where individual ability and motivation are recognized and rewarded. The Keefe Regional Technical School Electrical Department covers commercial, industrial, and residential wiring of old and new buildings as well as alarm system installation. The course of study provides students with the knowledge of how a building is constructed and wired as well as Solar Energy and wind energy technology.

Residential wiring is just one segment of the electrical course of study. Keefe Regional Technical School emphasizes residential wiring by completing all the electrical work for our annual house-building project. This project introduces the student to the telephone, familiarization with blueprints for location of outlets, and the type of wiring method that will satisfy the Massachusetts Electrical Code.

● Install residential electrical wiring and components for the house building and
   community projects
● Power up a wide range of structures using blueprints to install residential and
   commercial wiring following the National Electrical Code
● Earn apprenticeship experience leading to a journeyman’s license

Prepared for apprenticeship completion, immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education


High School Diploma from Keefe Tech

Electrical apprentice
Traveling apprentice
Electrical engineering intern
Building maintenance
Supply house counter person
Sales assistant
Cable TV installer
Security/Alarm system installer
Car audio installer
Warehouse attendant


Associates  Degree (2-year), Certificate Program, Licensing or Adult Education

Journeyman electrician
Master Electrician
Communication/Low voltage installer
Line construction
Motor repair
Appliance repair
Signaling systems installer
Fire alarm technician
Marine electronics technician
Elevator repairman
Aircraft electronics technician


Bachelors Degree (4-year) and Graduates or Doctoral Degree for some

Electrical company owner
Electrical engineer
Mechanical engineer
Power distribution engineer
Control systems engineer
Associate electrical engineer
Project supervisor
Electronics sales
Tool and equipment sales
Electrical inspector
Lighting designer
Network engineer

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