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Design and Visual Communication

Students interested in the world of Design and Visual Communication will find opportunities to explore several areas of this exciting field at Keefe Regional Technical School. Freshmen and sophomore students learn the foundations of design, including color theory, drawing, perspective, and layout.

During the junior and senior years, students work with Photoshop, In-Design, Digital Photography and Video to produce a variety of multimedia projects for their portfolio. Package Design, Product Photography, Multimedia Presentations, Web design, and Audio Production will be introduced through the use of the latest technology.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to continue their education at the college level or obtain an entry-level position.

● Express your unique artistic vision through illustration, design, computer graphics,
   video and digital photography
● Cultivate and enhance personal creativity and artistic abilities 
● Create a professional portfolio for college and employment showcasing digital
    photography, print media and website design

Prepared with a professional portfolio for immediate employment and further education


High School Diploma from Keefe Tech

Graphic Design Intern
Sign Design/Production
T-shirt Design/Production
Associate Designer
Interior Design Assistant
Website Design Assistant
Art Framing Technician


Associates  Degree (2-year), Certificate Program, Licensing or Adult Education

Art Therapist
Art Teacher
Studio Photographer
TV/Video Production Assistant
Interior Designer
Website Designer
Computer Animator
Video Editor
Computer Based Illustrator


Bachelors Degree (4-year) and Graduates or Doctoral Degree for some

Mobile App Design
Fashion Designer
Art Director
Packaging Designer
Video Game Designer
Industrial Designer
Toy Designer
Children’s Book Illustrator

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