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Cooperative Education & Internships

Based on the recent state response to the COVID-19 crisis,  Keefe Tech will be suspending all cooperative education agreements at this time. With the Keefe Tech facility being closed, and our staff staying home as Governor Baker ordered, we are not able to oversee and monitor our cooperative education students at this time. This decision was not made without a great deal of consideration, and we realize that this will have a significant impact on our students and their employers. 

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience this situation may cause to our students and their coop employers.  We continue to make decisions with the safety of our students as our top priority.  If you have any additional questions, please reach Bob Packard, Coop Coordinator by email at

The Cooperative Education Program provides an opportunity for deserving students to participate in paid employment in their career/technical areas of study during their shop week for area employers. They receive fair and competitive wages and valuable work experience. The employers are expected to grade students based on criteria provided by the school. These selected employers become partners in the educational process by offering expanded learning opportunities in the workplace.

Eligibility for Seniors

Co-op eligibility, at the beginning of the senior year, depends on the following junior year criteria:

• A final grade of C- or better in each academic subject.
• A final grade of B- or better in junior year shop and related.
• MCAS competency determination based on scores in all required areas.
• Obtained OSHA 10-hour safety card.
• Meet school’s term or yearly attendance requirements.
• Instructor recommendation.

*Students who are not eligible for cooperative placement at the beginning of grade 12 may become eligible based on their report card at the end of any term during the senior year. Summer school grade may not be used for co-op eligibility.

Eligibility for Term III Juniors

• An average grade of C- or better in each academic subject.
• An average grade of B- or better in junior year shop and related. 
*Based on the first two terms in grade 11
• MCAS competency determination based on scores in all required areas.
• Obtained OSHA 10-hour safety card.
• Instructor recommendation.
• Fewer than (10) absences through the end of Term II in the junior year (3 tardies equals an absence).
Juniors participating in co-op must continue to meet the grade requirements based on year end grades to continue on co-op placement.

Summer Cooperative Placement for Juniors
Summer cooperative placement (new contract) for juniors will commence the last day of their junior year and will end the first day of school of their senior year as regulated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Students may appeal to the Principal for a waiver for extenuating circumstance on an individual basis.

Termination of Cooperative Placement
A student will be removed or terminated from cooperative placement because of ineligibility due to poor attendance, failing grades, suspension, or other disciplinary infractions. Any exception to the above will be decided by the Principal and the Cooperative Placement coordinator.


Keefe Tech provides qualified juniors and seniors with work-based learning experiences such as formal unpaid internships.   This is a great opportunity for students interested in learning more about a specific aspect of their career field.  Internship hours and commitment vary depending on the organization, transportation needed and interest of student.  Companies that students have participated in an internship experience with are listed below by program.  

Cooperative Education Coordinator:
Robert Packard
P: 508-416-2277

Internship Coordinator:
Faith Chrisom
P: 508-416-2305

Recent and Current Cooperative Education Placements