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Career Exploratory

Prior to students beginning Career Exploratory, they select 8 out of our 16 Career and Technical Programs.  Students select their programs prior at a Welcome Orientation for the incoming class in the spring of their 8th grade year.  At this event, students have the opportunity to visit career areas they are interested in, and engage with CTE Teachers and current students about each program before making their selections.  

Once students being their high school career at Keefe Tech, all grade 9 students take a core curriculum in English, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, and health. In addition to the academic core, all Grade 9 students spend three periods every other week in a career exploratory program. In this program, students explore eight Career/Technical areas and receive career counseling in each area.  Students remain in career exploratory for a total of 8 cycles before selecting the Career and Technical Program they are most interested in.  

Students are assessed by a rubric during each exploratory cycle that is included in our Admissions Policy.  It is important for students to be successful in all 8 of their career exploratory cycles in order to have the best chance of getting into their first choice program.  Prior to selecting their program, all grade 9 students participate in an interest inventory and goal setting with the School Counseling Department.  Students also receive information on non-traditional programs and career pathways, while participating in Decision Programming surrounding their placement selection.

Students select their Career and Technical Program with their School Counselor and Director of Guidance/Admissions a the end of January and remain in that Program in an exploratory capacity for the remainder of their freshman year.  Students have the opportunity to change their program during the second half of their freshmen year depending on program availability and their success in area of interest.