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Adrienne Bogusky

Director of Guidance and Admissions

Contact Faith Chrisom for Transfer Admissions

Faith Chrisom

Admissions/Career Counselor

Apply To Keefe

There are many options to apply to Keefe Regional Technical School and we encourage prospective students and families to select what best works for them.  

Interested students can apply online:

Keefe Tech Online Application

In addition, a Keefe Tech application is available from the Guidance Department at all sending schools, the Keefe Tech Guidance Office (508-416-2270), or from the downloadable links located on the right of this page. 

  • To view or download our Admissions Policy, please click the button to the right. 
  • All completed grade eight applications can be given to the sending school Guidance Counselor or mailed directly to the Keefe Tech Guidance Department. 
  • Keefe Tech will work with the middle schools to obtain the necessary information if an application is sent directly to our school.

The following information is needed for a complete application:

  • Applicant’s grades
  • Attendance record
  • Discipline/conduct record
  • Local Guidance Counselor's recommendation

Any transfer applicant must make an appointment to be interviewed at Keefe Technical School accompanied by their parent/guardian.  Please contact our Guidance Department at 508.416.2270.  

Any grade eight or transfer application that does not reside in the in-district communities of Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, or Natick must complete a Chapter 74 Non-Resident Tuition Application (download below) and submit this form to the sending school superintendent for approval.  This form must be signed prior to April 1, 2019.   Keefe Tech cannot accept a student from a non-resident community without the sending superintendent's approval.

Grade 8 Applicants

Grade Eight Applicants

All interested students can obtain a Keefe Tech application from their middle school guidance office, the Keefe Tech Guidance Department, or from the links below. Students and their parents may also complete an online application by using the link below. Completed applications should be returned to the applicant's middle school counselor or directly to the Keefe Tech Guidance Department.  

All in-district eighth grade applicants will participate in an interview at their middle school beginning in January or February.  Interview days will be coordinated between Keefe Tech's Admissions Department and each middle school guidance department. Our priority deadline for applications for the 2018-2019 school year is January 15, 2019.  Students may still apply after this date, and acceptances will be issued on a rolling basis until programs are at capacity.

All accepted students will receive information about additional transition programming being offered at Keefe Tech including: Dinner with a Teacher Night in April, Accepted Students Day in June, and Freshman Step-Up Day in August.  Our goal is for all accepted students to have the support to make a successful transition to high school.  Please contact our Admissions/Guidance Department with any questions or concerns about the application process.  We look forward to continuing to work with all eighth grade students and their families for a positive transition to Keefe Tech!

Transfer Applicants

Keefe Tech operates on a rolling admissions basis for students who apply throughout the school year, as well as for high school students who are interested in transferring.  Transfer applicants are reviewed once an application is submitted either online, by being dropped off at our Guidance/Admissions office or sent by mail.  Student records are required to complete a transfer application.  Records needed vary depending on the grade level of the applicant, but will include, grades, school attendance, and school discipline from the current and previous school year.

Once an application is complete someone from our Admissions Office will contact the applicant and family to schedule an interview on our campus.  Prospective students and families can contact our Admissions Counselor, Faith Chrisom at 508.516.2305 or with any questions or concerns.  

Priority Application Deadline

The priority application deadline for grade 8 students who are applying for next year's fall admission is  January 15, 2019.  

We do accept applications after this time on a rolling admissions basis, meaning students will be interviewed after they apply and

Out of District Applicants

Prospective students who reside outside of our 5 in-district communities of Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton and Natick are able to apply for admission to Keefe Tech and will be reviewed on a space available basis.  The same criteria is reviewed prior to admission.  Out-of-district applicants are required to connect with their district's Superintendent's Office regarding the approval of a Chapter 74 non-resident form.  Keefe Tech does not have any control of an out-of-district community approving this form regardless if an applicant meets our admissions criteria.

Chapter 74 non-resident form

Downloadable Admissions Documents

Admissions Policy

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