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The Science curriculum is designed to provide courses for students that coordinate with their career/technical areas. This alignment enables students to pursue a career immediately after high school in addition to the preparation for continuing their education. Through science, students can make informed decisions, are able to ask though-provoking questions, and clearly communicate their questions and findings to those around them.

Students will come into contact with multiple science experiences that nurture and foster their increased understanding of the things they observe and investigate. They advance their ability to offer reasonable explanations, make predictions, and engage in more rewarding activities. They also learn to respect nature and their environment. Science strengthens the skills they need to think effectively, objectively, and creatively.

By the conclusion of a student’s senior year, each student will have been exposed to many science themes. Students will be exposed to such themes as: the processes of life; the interaction of life and the environment, forces and motion; energy; and the nature of matter. The student will understand that science, technology, and society are all interwoven and interdependent.



Science Faculty Contact Information

Jennie Portney

Lead Teacher, Class of 2021 Advisor

Michael Adamiak


Anna Barrasso


Kathleen Flynn


Kyle Dudley


Andrea Geggis

Science Teacher

Matthew Sadowski