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Health and Wellness

Throughout all four years, students are required to progress through a developmental study of health and wellness topics. Through health literacy, healthy self-management skills, and health promotion, comprehensive health education teaches fundamental health concepts, promotes habits and conduct that enhance health and wellness, and guides efforts to build healthy families, relationships, schools, and communities. Fundamental health knowledge and skills need to be taught, reinforced and expanded regularly in a student’s four-year high school career. A planned, sequential curriculum addresses a variety of topics with increasing degrees of complexity appropriate to students’ developmental levels as they move through adolescence. Such a program ensures thorough, balanced coverage of health content areas, and its success relies on our skilled teachers who readily adapt to incorporate emerging health topics.

Health and Wellness

Grade 9


3102A – HEALTH CP1 – (Gr 9) .5 CREDIT

Health, a required course for freshmen, meets half of the school year. Topics included are cardio respiratory function, vascular disease, tobacco abuse, fitness evaluation, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, eating disorders and weight control, violence prevention, and personal safety issues. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of developing positive personal choices that promote life-long wellness. Notebook and journals are a requirement of the course.

Grade 12


3142 – HEALTH & WELLNESS - (Gr 12) 1 CREDIT

This senior elective looks at critical issues affecting students in their everyday life. Candid discussions look at today’s health risks and encourage students to evaluate choices and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. Topics covered include: physical fitness, nutrition and eating disorders, stress, suicide, marriage and parenthood, sexually transmitted infections, drug and alcohol awareness, cultural influence on behavior, and environmental and public health. Through debate, projects, and class discussions, students will analyze problems, evaluate choices, and make life-affirming decisions. Notebooks and journals are a requirement of the course.

Health and Wellness Faculty Contact Information

Francine Cassullo

Lead Teacher

Donald Marini

Teacher, Assistant Football Coach, Wrestling Coach