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Business Management

Business Management courses examine topics relevant to juniors and seniors preparing for their future. Students will develop business literacy by learning basic economic concepts and explore the challenges that go with managing a small business and/or running a household. Students will use and develop reading, writing, and math skills, doing hands-on projects such as a business plan, stock market simulation, and preparing basic financial documents such as a budget. Students will also learn and practice their computer skills using Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and conducting research on the internet. A variety of instructional styles will be employed to support student learning. Students will use texts, be required to take notes, read magazines and newspaper articles and debate solutions to problems presented in case studies. Students will learn important lessons from successful (and not-so-successful) entrepreneurs and use the lessons learned as they prepare their own comprehensive business plans. These courses focus on the development of skills in research, note taking, writing, and study skills as preparation for college. A common end-of-the-year assessment will be given to all students.

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Business Management Faculty Contact Information

Matthew Warren

Lead Teacher, Varisty Girls Volleyball Coach, Varsity Boys Volleyball Coach