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    Keefe Tech represents at SkillsUSA Leadership & Skills Conference!

    Keefe Regional Technical School students won a total of 39 medals during the District 3 SkillsUSA Leadership & Skills Conference, also hosted by Keefe Tech on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Students from 14 schools within the district participated in skills and leadership competitions in their career and technical areas at the conference.


    Keefe Regional Technical School students won a total of 39 medals during the District 3 SkillsUSA Leadership & Skills Conference, also hosted by Keefe Tech on Wednesday, February 26, 2020. Students from 14 schools within the district participated in skills and leadership competitions in their career and technical areas at the conference.

    Keefe Tech students competed in categories including Criminal Justice, Internetworking, and Graphic Communications, bringing home 13 gold medals, 17 silver medals, 9 bronze medals, and 4 perfect scores on the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) exam.  All gold and silver medalists will move on to the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference, held April 30 and May 1-2, 2020, in Marlborough, MA.

    Zoe Rosen of Holliston, a grade 10 student in the Keefe Tech Legal and Protective Services program won a gold medal in the Criminal Justice category and received a perfect OSHA score. “I’m so proud of what we all accomplished from my CTE program at Keefe. For me, it was a step in the right direction, I want to go to law school and this gold medal will help me achieve my goals. I met so many amazing, talented people from so many towns. I loved the experience,” Rosen said.

    Grade 10 Legal and Protective Services student Alexa Caiola of Framingham took home the silver medal in the Criminal Justice category. “It was a very surreal experience for me. I did not expect as a sophomore to place and go on to states. We all studied and prepared together, and it really helped boost our confidence and support for each other,” noted Caiola.

    “For me, participating was not just about winning, it was a great experience. I was able to fully embrace what I do and work so hard at in my Auto Program at Keefe Tech. It meant so much to me,” explained Alec Chan of Holliston, a Grade 11 Automotive Technology student who took home a silver medal for Automotive Service Technology and earned a perfect OSHA score.

    Grade 11 Cosmetology student Gabby Buentello of Hopkinton won a silver medal in the Cosmetology (Over 500 Hours) category. “I’d say that participating in SkillsUSA made me feel very professional, and I was proud to represent my school in front of all the other students in District 3,” Buentello said.

    "I am so proud of all of the hard work that our students put into this competition. This is my first year at Keefe Tech and I cannot say enough about the hard work and dedication of the staff members that helped these students get ready for this event,” noted Tony McIntosh, Director of Career and Technical Education at Keefe and coordinator of the District SkillsUSA event. “I look forward to seeing all of our students compete at the state level and encourage all of them to keep studying their content material and practicing the hands-on skills that they will need to be successful at the next level."

    Keefe Tech’s gold medal winners are: Unique Linnell (Graphic Communications) of Ashland; Gabriel Ferreira (Electrical Construction Wiring), William Garrant (Commercial Banking), Braeden McKenna (Teamworks), Matthew Sostilio (Teamworks), Nolan MacIver (Telecommunications Cabling) and Ryan Swallow (Computer Programming) of Framingham; Christopher Hughes ( Masonry), Zoe Rosen (Criminal Justice), and Ethan Ze’evi (Internetworking) of Holliston; and Ryan Fangel (Teamworks), Sean Heino (Diesel Equipment Technology), and Brock Howatt (Teamworks) of Natick.

    Silver medal winners are: Michaela Lincoln (Esthetics) of Ashland; Paul Abrahams (Information Technology Service), Tiffany Adamas (Nail Care), Emilie Avelar (Nurse Assisting), Alexa Caiola (Criminal Justice), Nicol Correa-Acuna (Medical Math), Scott Palmer (Cabinetmaking), Mitchell Rieder (Web Design), Samuel Rubin (Mobile Robotics Technology), Jonathan Spalti (Internetworking), and Carlyn Thoreson (Mobile Robotics Technology) of Framingham; Sylvie Bielak (Computer Programming), Alec Chan (Automotive Service Technology), Vaansh Mansharamani (Web Design), and Lettie Segars (Commercial Banking) of Holliston; and Gabrielle Buentello (Cosmetology Over 500 Hours) and Aiden Shepard (Sheet Metal) of Hopkinton.

    Bronze medal winners are: Skye Bradford (Telecommunications Cabling) of Ashland; Aiperi Bazaraleiva (Criminal Justice), Lancelot Good (Web Design), Oliver Hameria (Culinary Arts), Sean Morrison (Graphic Imaging Sublimation), Ashanti Nunez-Rodriguez (Esthetics), and Camila Trinidad (Medical Math) of Framingham; Brandon Paradie (Information Technology Service) of Holliston; and Gabriel Sharon (Web Design) of Natick.

    The students who received perfect OSHA scores are: Lancelot Good (Grade 12) and Julian Orellana-Vega (Grade 10) of Framingham; and Alec Chan (Grade 11) and Zoe Rosen (Grade 10) of Holliston.

    SkillsUSA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preparing high school and college students for careers in technical, trade and skilled service occupations through local, state and national programs. It provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. Check out a few photos from the competition below!



    New Student Leadership Program at Keefe Tech

    Day one of our new student leadership program was a success!  Students from grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 were recommended to participate and did an amazing job connecting with each other and getting out of their comfort zones. 

    We had our first student leadership workshop in collaboration with Roots & Wings at Keefe Tech on Thursday, January 23, 2020. Over 80 students were recommended by their teachers and out of that group, 29 students were selected to participate in a 5-part leadership training series. The last session will be a larger school event called our "Teen Speak Out/Campus Conversation" this May. Students in this smaller leadership group will be the primary leaders of this event with their peers. Check out some photos below.





    Keefe Tech Alumni Highlights!

    Check out our first alumni highlight article about two successful brothers who are graduates of Keefe Tech's Plumbing Program.  If you have an alumni success story to share, please reach out to us at 



    FRAMINGHAM, MA – Keefe Regional Technical School has provided the foundation for careers across many technical and professional industries, paving the way to success with the academic and technical skills needed for high demand jobs. The Coduri brothers, both graduates of the Keefe Tech Plumbing Program, have each found enriching careers with longevity in the Plumbing and Engineering industries as a result of their Career and Technical Education.

    Joe Coduri, Class of 1996 at Keefe Regional Technical School, credits his Career and Technical Education in the Plumbing Program as the head start he needed to launch a rewarding and successful career path. “I knew early on in high school I liked working with my hands” noted Joe. “Through the Career Exploratory Program at Keefe Tech, I was able to test my skill set and commit to an unexpected career in Plumbing,” he added. After working at a rewarding and successful job at Dan-Cel Company, Inc., located in Watertown, MA, as a licensed plumber for 18 years, Joe advanced into the design aspect of his work.

    Currently employed as a Plumbing Designer at CMTA, Inc. of Framingham, MA, a nationally- recognized, multi-specialty engineering firm, Joe provides cost-effective, energy-efficient plumbing and fire protection to commercial and educational buildings, such as schools and hospitals. “Keefe Tech gave me the skills I needed to succeed in an exciting and rewarding career,” said Joe.

    Graduating from Keefe Tech in 1999, Joe’s brother, Steve Coduri, also pursued a Plumbing major while in high school. Steve looks back upon his Career and Technical Education at Keefe Tech as the beginning of his successful career path in Engineering. Graduating from Western New England University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Steve landed a position as a mechanical engineer at Venderweil Engineers Inc., headquartered in Boston. MA. He had the good fortune to travel across the US and internationally, designing systems for academic facilities and providing a variety of engineering solutions.

    Steve reflects on his high school experience stating, “I continue to use the skills and knowledge I learned at Keefe Tech on a daily basis in my job.” Currently working at CMTA, Inc. as a senior engineer, Steve shares his brother’s gratitude for their successful career paths, which began at Keefe Technical High School.

    Coduri brothers, (Steve) and (Joe), pictured above, both graduates of the Keefe Tech Plumbing
    Program, have found longevity and success in their career paths based on the skills and
    foundations they built at Keefe Tech.

    Term One Success at Keefe Tech!

    Keefe Tech student success term one!  A shout out to our high honor roll and honor roll students, as well as all students with perfect attendance during term one.  Keep up the good work!

    Congratulations to all of the students who made high honor roll and honor roll during term I, excellent work!  Great job to all of the students with perfect attendance for 1st term too!

    High Honor Roll:

    Grade 9:

     Deeksha Johar
     Erick Costa
     Gina Marie Lamberti
     Henry Galvez
     Jasne Gonzalez-Maciel
     Makenzie Stebbins
     Miranda LaGrone
     Veronica Sanchez
     Yaidymar Morales

    Grade 10:

     Bruna Mota
     Lily Sullivan
     Mitchell Rieder
     Owen Riis
     Priscillia Kunda
     Zoe Rosen

    Grade 11:

     Alec Chan
     Camila Santos
     Gabriel Ferreira
     Nolan MacIver
     Olivia Anderson
     Sylvie Bielak

    Grade 12:

     Amanda Lamberti
     Bryan Silva
     Carlyn Thoreson
     Dylan Gaudet
     Gabriel Sharon
     George Moutafis
     Jenna Lerminiaux
     Nikolas Giombetti

    Honor Roll:

    Grade 9:

     Aimi Yamashita
     Alisson Murcia Posada
     Alondra Lopez Melendez
     Anita Unseethaharuthai
     Caua Canuto
     Delia Avery
     Elio Medeiros
     Emanuelle Zeni
     Felipe Torres
     Gabrielle Gaudet
     Ineysha O'Farrill
     Jennifer Landaverde
     Jonathan Renan Esponilla
     Juan Contreras
     Juliebeth Rosario
     Karissa Briggs
     Kevin Honorio Ribeiro
     Koralys Orellana-Vega
     Lucas Mendes
     Maria Eduarda Rodrigues
     Mariana Vargas
     Max Richer
     Miguel Colon Jr
     Nicholas Souza
     Olivia Klein
     Raphael Augusto Silva
     Samuel Erickson
     Samuel Sabo
     Yvens Petit Louis

    Grade 10:

     Abigail Mello
     Aiperi Bazaralieva
     Alexa Caiola
     Alexis Manchester
     Amanda Marins
     Amanda Torres
     Ana Clara Barbalho
     Anthony Gomes
     Braeden McKenna
     Christian Cuggino
     Christian Garro
     Christian Gaudet
     Darli Mazariegos Castillo
     David De Oliveira
     Edgar Martinez Rodriguez
     Eduarda Magalhaes
     Edward Garcia
     Elizabeth Smith
     Emily Caryl
     Evan Larson
     Frank Faranda
     Guilherme Moraes
     Hannah Gilvarg
     Jake Shepard
     Jiliannys Rivera Del Valle
     Katyuska Santiago
     Kevin Assarian
     Logan Patria
     Luis Valladares
     Marccus De Oliveira
     Melinda Ssebbowa
     Michael Duffy
     Michael Lamont
     Michael Najarian III
     Ryan Fangel
     Samuel Canoni
     Sara Lagodimos
     Selina Torrijos
     Stephen Merino
     Vaansh Mansharamani

    Grade 11:

     Adam Eckenroth
     Alexis Lang
     Ana Julia Oliveira
     Angelina Marchant-Duncan
     Corde Rhodes
     Dayna Jones
     Edith Brickman
     Ester Da Silva
     Ethan Ze'evi
     Gabrielle Buentello
     Guilherme Salgado
     Hannah Ciniello
     Jack Arena
     James Bender
     Jose Resto
     Kiersten Miller
     Laura Davison
     Luana Ferreira
     Mia Ignoto
     Michael Clifford
     Noah Prince
     Ruby Martinez
     Ryan McCarthy
     Scott Joyce
     Scott Palmer
     Stephanie Belalcazar Corrales
    Brock Howatt

    Grade 12:

     Abigail Foilb
     Alejandra Diaz
     Amariana Lee
     Anthony Barbadora
     Ashley Sok
     Ashley Soler Acosta
     Astreel Sanchez Marte
     Brandon Paradie
     Caitlin Ryder
     Cal Marden
     Emilie Avelar
     Emily Bernard
     Emily Bianco
     Erika Parada Martinez
     Erika Williams
     Evelyn Foster
     Francesca Shay
     Heidi Sanchez
     Hilda Mogollon
     Imaria Lee
     James Kennally
     Jared Abusheery
     Jayna Banks
     Jonathan Spalti
     Joze Orellana-Vega
     Kathleen Swanton
     Marcella Lopes
     Morgan Reno
     Naiveliz Resto
     Natalia Rivera
     Nevaeh Castillo
     Nicholas Teuber
     Nicol Correa Acuna
     Phillip Denty
     Sean Morrison
     William Edman
    Aidan Shepard
    Kimberly Recinos
    Matthew Sostilio

    Perfect Attendance:

    Grade 9:

     Herson Barahona
     William Bertolino
     Haley Bleasdell
     Jasmine Davila
     Jonathan Renan Esponilla
     Marialys Fuentes Roman
     Henry Galvez
     Andrew Holston
     Eddy Jimenez Soto
     Deeksha Johar
     Bradley Kadets
     David Leiva Ramirez
     Fedel Lema Lema
     Elmer Lema Loja
     Elio Medeiros
     Izabella Mesa
     Quinn O'Connell
     Christopher Oliveira
     Sha'leea Ortega
     Luis Eduardo Paiva Ivan Aquino
     Raphael Augusto Silva
     Mariana Teixeira
     Paola Tovar
     Christopher Vick Jr
     Eugene Yeboah

    Grade 10:

     Omar Aguilera
     Bruno Barbosa
     Benjamin Bradway
     Alexa Caiola
     Samuel Canoni
     Andrew Costa
     Brayan De Lima
     Daniel Fabrini
     Ryan Fangel
     Austin Grant
     Adam Huntington
     Alexis Manchester
     Edgar Martinez Rodriguez
     Darli Mazariegos Castillo
     Abigail Mello
     Michael Najarian III
     Zoe Rosen
     Elizabeth Smith
     Nicholas Zuliy

    Grade 11:

     Edwin Calderon
     Paolo Calvo
     Adam Eckenroth
     Luana Ferreira
     Jason Gunning
     Tyler Hill
     Brock Howatt
     Scott Joyce
     Juan Leiva Ramirez
     Ian Mahr
     Harry Oliveira
     Jose Resto
     Jake Roy
     Stephanie Santos
     Matthew Savino
     Zachary Steenbruggen
     Matthew Tivnon
     Gavin Wilson
     Ethan Ze'evi

    Grade 12:

     D-Aundre Anderson
     Nicol Correa Acuna
     Anthony Huntington
     Nicholas O'Brien
     Anthony Ratta
     Morgan Reno
     Naiveliz Resto
     Gregory Rigot
     Bryan Silva
     Bryan Sosa

    Congratulations to our senior Health Careers students!

    On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, Health Careers seniors participated in their Pinning Ceremony and were recognized for their accomplishments and hard work becoming Certified Nursing Assistants.

    Family and friends were invited to share in their success. In addition to receiving their pins and certificates, many of the students participated in the presentation.

    This included Jeferson Pineda as the main host, Natalia Rivera leading the Pledge of Allegiance, Amanda Lamberti and Jeferson Pineda reading "What have we done today?", Emilie Avelar sharing "Lessons from a CNA," and Erika Martinez and Fatima Cerin Gonzalez sharing the excerpt "Desiderata." In addition, underclass Health Careers students supported the ceremony with musical accompaniment. A huge shout out to Health Careers Instructors, Ms. Baker, Ms. Graham and Ms. Griffin for their work with these students and organization of this special event.

    Keefe Technical Students Awarded Scholarships for the IBEW Local 103 Apprenticeship Program



    Keefe Regional Technical School senior Daniel Quackenbush of Framingham was recently interviewed by WBZ CBS Channel 4’s Kate Merrill about his award-winning “What The Fish” app.

    Quackenbush, a student in Keefe’s Programming and Web Development CTE program, created and developed the app in his Entrepreneurship class during the 2017-2018 school year. He presented his concept at the NFTE New England Regional Business Plan competition in May, where he won the first place award of $1,500.

    According to Keefe Tech Entrepreneurship teacher Matthew Warren, his class curriculum teaches 21st century skills including collaboration, problem solving, creativity, communications and being socially responsible.

    I'm thrilled that Dan has created this plan and accomplished so much with it.  He is a brilliant young man and a great representative of Keefe Tech and all we do here,” said Warren.

    Quackenbush will present at the upcoming 12th annual NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge on October 11 in New York City, where 40 NFTE alumni from across the US who won their spring regional business plan competitions will compete.

    The CBS interview with Quackenbush is scheduled to air during the week of October 8, 2018.


    Future Farmers of America

    Arbor Day Event

    Marketing Plan Team will be attending the FFA National Convention in Indianapolis October 21-28th.


    Recognized Educators over the Years

    Educator of the Year 2018 - Valerie Rector
    students and teacher
    Educator of the Year 2017 - Diane Piccioli
    Educator of the Year 2016 - Doug Paul
    Educator of the Year 2015 - Margaret Ellis


    Dental Assisting Program Grand Opening

    Keefe Regional Technical School held the Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on November 9, 2017 to celebrate the opening of Keefe Regional Technical School’s Dental Assisting Program.

    The ceremony included welcoming remarks, and a tour of the new program area. The Baker-Polito Administration awarded Keefe Regional Technical High $397,150 in funds from the Workforce Skills Capital Grant Program.  Keefe Regional Technical High School has used the funds from the grant to roll out a new Dental Assisting Program, including purchasing four dental patient chairs, panoramic X-ray technology, including development capability, sterilizers and autoclaves.

    This is an exceptional new opportunity for the students of Keefe Regional Technical School

    Graduation 2018

    FRAMINGHAM — A year after moving here from Zimbabwe, Mary-Ann Mufute remembers walking into Keefe Regional Technical School overwhelmed and afraid. But four years later, she confidently stood in front of her classmates at graduation to give a speech as salutatorian.  

    student smiling


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