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Mission Statement & Philosophy

"Our mission is to challenge students to demonstrate the academic, technical, and interpersonal skills
necessary for successful lifelong learning."

The major purpose of Keefe Regional Technical School is to provide organized educational programs offering sequences of courses designed to educate and prepare students for both employment and continuing academic and occupational preparation. Such programs integrate academic and career/technical education and include higher order reasoning, problem solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, modern technology applications, and the occupational specific skills necessary for economic independence as a productive and contributing member of society.

A student’s complete education includes the development of good work habits, citizenship, and a desire for lifelong learning. Our programs foster student self-esteem, self-respect, and social awareness. Students are to participate actively in their education and to make learning their primary goal. Students undertake school projects that benefit our member communities and their residents. Our school reflects the diversity of our member towns, which enriches the school community.

We will provide our students with skills and academic training in a safe learning environment. It is the responsibility of staff and students to develop positive relationships throughout the school. Instructors and administrators at Keefe Tech are committed to setting high expectations and helping students to meet them in structured, challenging and supportive settings. We are committed to ensure that students receive the academic and technical skills necessary to secure gainful employment, to continue post-secondary studies, or to pursue a combination of both.

Parents and guardians should encourage their children's educational development, reinforce positive ideals taught and support ongoing school efforts. To be an effective and open community resource, our site will be routinely available for public use. Local, regional, and state organizations will be encouraged to use the facility. The school facility needs to be well maintained to support all activities.