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Most up to date message to families regarding school closure:

Good afternoon students and families –

I hope this email finds everyone well.

As you may have heard, the Governor extended the state wide school closure until May 4th.  Given this extended absence from school, I would like to encourage students and families to take advantage of the enrichment activities teachers have made available, to check in with teachers during their office hours, and to reach out to others in the school community (guidance counselor, school psychologist, adjustment counselor, nurse, etc.) who could provide assistance.  Please find a link to the Bronco Bulletin with information on assignments and office hours.

I have spoken with a number of teachers who have emailed with students this past week – they are thrilled to maintain their connections to their students; please check in with them!  We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I realize this is not what we all envisioned when we thought about the spring.  Many of you would prefer to be at school, with friends, getting ready for spring sports, activities and the school play, and yet we find ourselves in a very different place.  On behalf of the Keefe Tech faculty and staff, we cannot wait to be back together, to hear laughter in the classrooms and halls, and the noise in the cafeteria again. 

It is certainly not too late to start working on enrichment assignments or to work on missing assignments from this year!  Make the most of these next few weeks.

All the best,

Shannon Snow, Ed.D.

Principal, Keefe Technical High School

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