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Jonathan Evans

Superintendent Director
Records Access Officer


Shannon Snow



John Brochu

Director Of Career
& Tech Education

Adrienne Bogusky

Director Of Guidance
& Admissions

Daniel Hudder


Michael Dolan

Director Of
Special Education

Kenneth Collins

Assistant Principal
Dean Of Students

Mike Kane

Facilities Coordinator
Faculty & Staff
Adamiak, MichaelScience
Aguiar, KristenELL
Aho, KrissProgramming & Web Development
Allain, RichardGraphic Arts Instructor - Lead
Andrade-Winters, SorayaEvening School
Anniballi, KoriMathematics
Baker, SusanHealth Careers
Beling, JeffreyEnglish
Bogusky, AdrienneDirector of Guidance &
Brochu, JohnDirector of Career & Technical
Brown, SusanStudent Cafeteria
Butler, DeniseBusiness Office • Bookkeeper/
Capuano, PatriciaBusiness Office • Accounts
Cardone, ChristinaSpecial Needs
Cassullo, FrancinePhysical Education
Cedeno, ChristineSpecial Needs
Chrisom, FaithAdmissions • Career
Clark, JaniceIS
Clifford, SarahEnglish
Collins, DonnaSpecial Needs
Collins, KennethAssistant Principal -
Colton, SusanBusiness Office • Human
Concepcion, JanildaELL
Conti, Jamie BrownSocial Studies
Costa, RichardMetals Technology Instructor - Lead
Crisafulli, JoelDesign & Visual Communications
Cummings, TaylorHistory
Cuozzi, JillEarly Childhood Instructor - Lead
Dangelo, BrendaCopy
Dolan, MichaelDirector of Special Needs
Elworthy, HeidiGuidance
Evans, JonathanSuperintendent
Fairclough, JuliaAdjustment
Fairfield, AndrewCarpentry & Housebuilding
Fisichella, AndreaGuidance Counselor - Lead
Flynn, KathleenScience
Flynn, MatthewPlumbing
Fogarty, PatrickMetals Technology
Frades, JodyBusiness Office •
Frampton, ToddLegal & Protective Services Instructor - Lead
Frank, DeborahMathematics
Fulham, NickSocial Studies
Gable, J RSpecial Needs
Ghilani, ElenaSpecial Needs
Gonzalez, AnitaSpecial Needs
Gordon, EricPlumbing
Graham, JenniferHealth Careers
Grass, ThomasShipper -
Griffin, JeffMathematics - Lead
Griffin, JoanneHealth Careers
Hadfield, KristineBusiness Office • Accounting
Hamilton, MarkProgramming & Web Development Instructor - Lead
Henningson, ErikElectrical
Holland, JudeSpecial Needs
Holt, Maria VandaELL
Hudder, DanielAcademic
Iglesias, ThomasAutomotive
Jannetti, DomenicC&M
Johnson, MarkMCAS
Joy, CathySpecial Needs
Kaleta, MaryMain Office • Career & Tech Ed
Kane, ChrisPhysical Education - Lead
Kane, MartaSchool
Kane, MikeC&M Facilities
Keating, JohnDistrict
Kelley, JayTechnology
Kellogg, AliceELL - Lead
King, MarianneCosmetology Instructor - Lead
Kinney, JackAutomotive
Kramer, KevinJ.E.T. Special Needs - Lead
Lacasse, PeterCulinary Instructor - Co-Lead
Lamb, GregArt
Lambert, JenniferReading
Leahy, KatelynMathematics
Lewis, JeremySpecial Needs
Lieberman, IleneSpecial Needs
Locke, ChristinaScience
Lopes, AntonioELL
Lyskowski, StaceyGuidance
Machado, NelsonMath
Marini, DonPhysical Education
McGrath, CristinBusiness Technology Instructor - Lead
McGrath, JamesIn-House Suspension
Medina, EvelynEarly Childhood
Millard, LindaCulinary
Morvan, ScottAutomotive Instructor - Lead
Mulcahy, JamesPhysics - Chemistry
Mulvey, PatMain Office • Principal’s
Murphy, DanElectrical
Newell, MichaelCarpentry Instructor - Lead
Oppedisano, JoannaDental Assisting
Packard, RobertCo-op
Pagano, JennieScience - Lead
Patterson, StevenSpecial Needs
Paul, DouglasHorticulture Instructor - Lead
Paul, LindaELL
Peppersack, MichaelEnglish • Language Arts - Lead
Petro, AshleyEnglish
Phillips, BillAdustment
Piccioli, DianeSpecial Needs
Porter, CatherineSpecial Needs
Prevosk, JamiePlumbing Instructor - Lead
Rabidou, JohnInformation Systems Instructor - Lead
Rabidou, MaribethSpecial Needs - Lead
Rector, ValerieEnglish
Reidt, MicheleSchool
Richard, TriciaCosmetology
Rosano, PhilipSocial Studies
Salay, BrennaCosmetology
Sannicandro, BobSocial Studies
Santos, VanessaELL
Sarnosky, AngelaMain Office • Attendance & Office
Schneider, KurtDesign & Visual Communications Instructor - Lead
Sees, DebraSpecial Needs
Serra, VickiGraphic Arts
Sharek, DoloresBusiness Office • Director of
Simarrian, GlenSpecial Needs
Snape, LouiseSpecial Needs
Snyder, AmyCulinary
Soares, KrishnaGuidance
Stefanini, MarieCulinary Instructor - Co-Lead
Straton, JacquelynScience
Sullivan, KathrynEnglish
Trincia Mcgowan, ToriSpecial Needs
van Luling, BartHorticulture
Ward, KarenMain Office • Superintendent’s Executive
Warren, MattSocial Studies - Lead
Webb, KenElectrical
Westcott, JulieScience
Whitcomb, JeffMathematics
Yarkosky, KevinMathematics
Gonsalvez, GregSpecial Needs
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