Special Education & Services
The special education department provides a wide range of services to students with varying abilities and needs. Students with learning disabilities have programs tailored to their specific needs through the Individual Education Program (IEP) process.
Special education services and programs are offered in accordance with state and federal laws that govern special education, and are driven by the scope of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
Keefe Regional Technical School is committed to providing exceptional service to students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment while working collaboratively with parents and the community to meet the diverse needs of all learners.

Inclusion Program
Students participate in a fully inclusive setting with support from special educators across academic settings. Additional supports available through a structured Learning Strategies course to support the general curriculum and through a consult model as required by the IEP.

Job Entry Training (JET) Program
JET is a substantially separate program with an emphasis is placed on functional academic and daily living skills. Transitional service plans developed with respective sending towns and state agencies to meet the educational needs of the student until the age of twenty-two.

Transition Seminar
The seminar is run in conjunction with the guidance and special education departments with a focus on the next steps needed for post-secondary education, career readiness skills, and community-based skills to prepare to make a successful transition from Keefe Regional Technical School.

Considering Keefe?
Representatives from the special education department are available to participate in transition meetings for students considering Keefe Regional Technical School. This will ensure a review of current level of performance and provide an opportunity to discuss service delivery, ancillary services and any additional concerns that potential student’s and families may have in preparation for the transition.

Keefe Tech Parent Advisory Council (KTPAC)

The Joseph P. Keefe Technical School Parent Advisory Council (KTPAC) provides parents, guardians, and caregivers an opportunity to meet, network and share experiences, resources, and relevant special education information to help navigate the needs of children with disabilities.  All are welcome to attend meetings and programming.

The KTPAC provides a comfortable environment providing information on a wide range of Special Education topics via meetings, workshops, and speakers.

Parent and community based resources:

Guidance for Special Education PAC's:

Parent Information: Massachusetts Depart of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Notice of Procedural Safeguards:

Community based resources:

The Federation for Children with Special Needs:

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change:

U.S Department of Education:

MA Rehabilitation Commission / Department of Developmental Services:

Autism Speaks:
PAC Meeting Dates
October 2016

Previous PAC Meeting Dates
01-27-15 (rescheduled to 2-13-15)